• programming of manufacturing line components
  • system integration
  • process optimization
  • service and maintenance
  • reinstallation after removing and relocating a manufacturing line
  • Speed-up support
  • technical assistance/production standby

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  • Consulting in the development of new applications.
  • Advice on modifying and using current applications.
  • Robot programming consultancy
  • Consulting in standard application programming (VW, Daimler, BMW)
  • Design solutions for faults with standard applications
  • Advice on speed-up the cycle time of producing lines
  • Advice on designing new production lines
  • Creating statistics of a major failure in the project
  • suggestions for addressing deficiencies for different standards
  • Hardware configuration consulting
  • micro-management of new production lines in the field of robotics
  • SAS configuration consulting for robots (BMW)
  • managing a small team of people in problem-solving

Len za 1 €