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Eres Automation was established to collaborate on developing, installing, and handling industrial technologies.
The main activity of the company is programming and consulting in the field of industrial robotics.


About me

Dear Mrs/Mr,

my name is Radovan Šleboda. My current position is Robotic consultant on standard and problem-solving tasks at BMW Shenyang. For the previous couple of years, I have been working as a robot’s specialist/programmer in the automotive industry, mainly in Europe. My primary focus is on robots KUKA and ABB.

My work also included self-development, self-management, organization, communication with the customer, problem-solving, seeking new solutions, teamwork, and leading a small team of people.

My strengths are a rapid adaptation to the environment and the creation itself without the need for micro-management. I am very happy and fast to learn new technologies.

If I have your attention, do not hesitate to take a closer look at the resume below.

Our team

Radovan Šleboda

Robot Specialist / Programmer



preparation of robot hardware configuration, preparation of the robot for operation (first installation), ...


Consulting in the development of new applications, Advice on modifying and using current applications, ...